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This is a list of islands of the Caribbean region, broadly defined to include islands surrounded by or bordering the Caribbean Sea as well as islands in the nearby Lucayan Archipelago, organized by the political entity to which each island belongs.

There are thousands of islands that are part of the island countries of the broadly defined Caribbean region.

Some continental countries also have islands in the Caribbean, including Colombia Mexico, Nicaragua , Venezuela, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama. The United States also claims several small Caribbean islands .

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The Valle Verzasca is a valley in the locarno district of the canton of ticino, Switzerland. It comprises the municipalities of Mergoscia, Vogorno, Corippo, Lavertezzo, Brione, Gerra, Frasco, and Sonogno. Mergoscia is at the geographical center of the Ticino, and none of the passes out of the valley cross cantonal or national borders. The valley is situated between the Leventina and the Maggia and culminates at Pizzo Barone. The Verzasca River forms the artificial Lago di Vogorno near the entrance of the valley, formed by the Verzasca Dam before joining the Ticino River in the Magadino plain. The Verzasca Dam is also well known for its 220 m height jump, which is one of the highest jumps in the world and also the most famous bungy jump, as it was used in the James Bond film GoldenEye.

See! This valley beauty! Awesome. Verzasco valley has cool green water. Verzasca Valley is a long narrow valley located in Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

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There’s one place every kid loves during the summer months, up high above it all, obscured by the very branches of the tree he’s nestled upon. Relive the childhood experience all over again by visiting one of many incredible treehouse destinations in the United States. The locations listed below pride themselves on creating unique dwellings amongst the branches. Whether you want to vacation in luxury above the tree canopies or climb to heights that even birds can’t reach, there’s a place in the clouds here for every kind of adventurer to discover.

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