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This list of castles in England is not a list of every building and site which has the word “castle” as part of its name, nor is it a list only of those buildings which conform to a strict definition of a castle as a medieval fortified residence. It is primarily a list, not of castles that were built in England, but of buildings and remains that have survived. In almost every case the buildings that survive are either ruined, or have been altered over the centuries. As a consequence, whether a given site is that of a medieval castle has not been taken to be a sufficient criterion for determining whether or not that site should be included in the list.

Vanished castles or those whose remains are barely visible are not listed, although exceptions have been made for some important or well-known buildings and sites. Fortifications from before the medieval period are not listed, nor are architectural follies. In other respects it is difficult to identify clear and consistent boundaries between two sets of buildings, comprising those that indisputably belong in a list of castles and those that do not.

The criteria adopted for inclusion in the list include such factors as, how much survives from the medieval period, how strongly fortified the building was, how castle-like the surviving building is whether the building has been given the title of “castle”,how certain it is that a medieval castle stood on the site, or that the surviving remains are those of a medieval castle, how well-known or interesting the building is, and whether including or excluding a building helps make the list, in some measure, more consistent.

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