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Sunsets are a beautiful thing to see and to photograph. What makes a good sunset picture is the rich and different colors. You can take the sunset every day and get a different look to it and sometimes a totally different picture.

Since sunsets do not consistently have the same colors and intensities.It is difficult to know where the best place to stand and wait to view the sunset is because even if you find a place on your own eventually people gather nearby to watch it and they even climb up onto walls and houses to get a better view. If you are really ‘lucky’ you will find a good place to take your sunset pictures only to find at the last moment someone finds a way of getting between you and the sunset that you are about to photograph. The pictures I got were good enough for me though I’m just an amateur who likes having pictures of beautiful places to keep.

“The intense red and orange hues of the sky at sunset are mainly caused by scattering of sunlight off of dust particles, soot particles, other solid aerosols, and liquid aerosols floating in the earth’s atmosphere. These enhanced red and orange colors at sunset are mathematically explained by Mie theory or the discrete dipole approximation.

In this posting I will offer a few simple tips for you to take some great sunset or sunrise pictures using you point and shoot camera. With today’s technology and the digital camera you are able to get pictures that a few years ago only a professional photographer was able to achieve with his expensive equipment. Don’t expect your pictures to be of the same quality but they will impress your friends and give you some great pictures and memories. To make the photo even better I would suggest using a tripod or bracing your camera against a solid object. This will help to eliminate blur (even with image stabilization cameras) as you increase the size of the printed photo.

Now you finish depressing the shutter release to take the photo. WARNING: DO NOT FOCUS ON THE SUN; THIS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR EYES AND YOUR CAMERA. By focusing above the sun you are telling your camera to set the exposure for a bright picture while your photo will be not as bright thus underexposing you photo. By doing this you are compensating for the brightness of the sun that washes out the colors of the sunset. When you look at the sun set you may not see all the colors that show up on the camera. Your camera picks up the colors that are present given the settings of the camera.

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  1. Milziemae says:

    Dale.. you are so amazing at what you do. Your sripit just comes through in your photos, and your love of the beautiful world we live in. You have captured something really special about this family, and I doubt many photographers could have come close to capturing anything quite as special as these images. I’m sure they will grace their walls and their memories for years and years to come.

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