Sunsets 2

Sunsets can be beautiful but when the sky has a few clouds the sunset can be awe inspiring. The reason that clouds can be a visual enhancer is that the clouds tend to catch the last rays of the setting sun and seem to light up with those rays.

For many countries, low lying clouds such as stratus and stratocumulus clouds do not generally enhance the sunset because they tend to be at the level where there is much dust in the atmosphere. Once again the clean air of the Caribbean works towards enhancing the richness of the tropical sunsets seen by allowing even low lying clouds to fill the sky with vibrant colours from the setting sun.

Do you like sunsets? Many people love sunsets, especially dating couples. They love to find a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the beautiful view of the sun setting from the sky. And if you are a romantic type of person, sunsets are just the perfect way to end the day for you. At Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, you will get to enjoy more than just watching the sun goes down. Have we perked your interest to go and find out what in store at Sunset Cliffs yet? Yes? Well, wait no longer, bring along a friend or two, or if you want to make the trip a romantic one, why not bring your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend, and rent a San Diego bus to bring you there?

The most beautiful sunset that I can remember is the one that I saw when I went to Grand Canyon! A few years ago I went to see Bryce and Grand Canyons. They are really beautiful. We wanted to leave Grand Canyon before it was dark but fortunately it took us long and we saw the sunset.

Different colors and a huge amount of empty land that you could easily see the horizon made it really beautiful. It is not possible to describe it in words. I add a few pictures that I got . Enjoy!

Sunset in Jerusalem is not as picturesque as a sunset over water. But, for me, the sunset experience is not just ocular…

As the sun goes down and twilight arrives, the sky darkens, the lights of all of the houses glimmer and twinkle across the hillsides, the stars begin to light up the increasingly indigo sky…and the sounds of dozens of muezzins across the valley reciting their evening calls to Muslim prayer…jumbled together with the piercing peals of Christian monastery bells…it is a multi-sensory sunset experience that could only be felt in one place on earth… I am but a secular religionist…however, for a few minutes I experienced God in a way that even a die-hard atheist would have been challenged not to perceive.

One of the few places you can see the sun sink into the ocean. My sunset shot taken from beautiful places in the world.

I have seen many sunsets on vacations and at home but the best so far has to be a vacation we took to Marco Island Florida. Apparently one of the highlights of Marco Island that we did not know about is watching the evening sunset.

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