Supercars 2

Choosing the correct super car for your needs is paramount. Some cars are designed for strict track use and others for touring. There are in fact massive differences between most super cars, research will be paramount. Pay particular attention to the ride quality, some cars have a great set up which is perfect for track use and also deliver great ride quality. There has never been a selection of 200mph cars this vast before, it can be easy to over look companies like Noble, Ultima, Spyker and tuning companies which offer real performance for your money. Sticking to Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche might help you sleep at night but it won’t give you exclusivity.

In the January 1967 CAR article Riding the Wild One? LJK Setright name doesn’t appear, but it could have been written by him, judging by the style. This article is actually not a road test, but a ride along with New Zealand born Lamborghini tech Bob Wallace. No where does the word or phrase super car appear. Also noteworthy with respect to Wikipedia, this first ride along story was published not in the mid sixties but at the beginning at least of the late sixties.Not a surprise considering that the Miura only debuted in March 66 and the 1966 total production amounted to just two cars.

Then in the December 1967 issue of CAR, LJK Setright name appears prominently on the first page of a two part saga called 1000 miles in the Miura.LJK Setright gets to grips with the most exotic of all? The story recounts a trip from the Lamborghini factory back to the UK where Setright shares the chore of driving a Miura (that had been purchased by a Briton) with a Lamborghini sales representative. The events unfold in September of 67, again very much in the late sixties.There are plenty of words in this two part story, the second of which is printed in the January 1968 issue of CAR, but the words super car aren’t among them.

Bikes traditionally scored over their four wheeled counter parts for having a phenomenal power to weight ratio. This allowed them to out accelerate the super cars although they lacked the punch in the top speed. Over the last decade though the cars have pulled back and now in many cases even accelerate faster than the super bikes. Nonetheless, an experience on a super bike or in a super car is different and has a charm of its own. If we doubt that we should ask Tom Cruise, the owner of many a super cars and bikes.

Better known as a hypercar? enter the Weber F1 The 2013 model has over 1200 hp with a 1600 hp version in the planning stages. The V-10 engine is mated with a semi-automated six speed sequential gearbox and enhanced by the paddle shifters which are steering wheel mounted for convenience, safety, and quick manoeuvring. Rated at 1200 horse power and 922 foot pounds of torque at 4200 RPM this is one super fast V1The amazing power is in command of all four wheels simultaneously making the term all wheel drive sound a bit ambiguous. With 20 inch wheels which are made of light weight alloys and wrapped up with high performance Pirelli tires the full carbon monocoque (see definition below) and chassis make the Weber F1 stand a bit above the rest of those so called super cars.

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