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An automobile, autocar, motor car or car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motor. Most definitions of the term specify that automobiles are designed to run primarily on roads, to have seating for one to eight people, to typically have four wheels, and to be constructed principally for the transport of people rather than goods.

The year 1886 is regarded the year of birth of the modern automobile – with the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, by German inventor Carl Benz. Motorized wagons soon replaced animal-drafted carriages, especially after automobiles became affordable for many people when the Ford Model T was introduced in 1908.

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This is the year of the big one. The McDaddy. Son of F1. The McLaren P1. Arguably the most anticipated hypercar in the history of everness. McLaren has said it isn’t interested in wrestling Bugatti for the title of world’s fastest production car, but instead making “the best driver’s car in the world”. Still, it won’t be slow. We know the P1 will produce over 600bhp per tonne, and we’re told it uses a modified version of the 12C’s twin-turbo V8, working alongside a KERS hybrid boost system to generate a power output of over 800bhp.

There’s a host of clever active aero on board, including a rear wing that lies flat to reduce drag – when you’re attempting your 200mph-plus autobahn charge – or extends rearwards by 300mm to help the P1 generate up to 600kg of downforce. That’s the same as the McLaren GT3 racer. That’s a lot. As is the cost: when the P1 lands late this year, we’re expecting an asking price over £700,000. And, perhaps, a new TG Power Lap record.

Elsewhere, 2013 shall see the world of supercars fracture down the centre, split between manufacturers clinging to the tried-and-tested formula of going faster by mating a whacking great engine to a lightweight body, and those embracing every new tech trickhybrid power, KERS, active aero -for maximum rapidity.

In the loud ‘n’ oily corner lurk the SLS Black Series AMG – the harder, lighter skunkworks edition of Merc’s mad gullwingand a range-topping new Bentley Conti GT3. The SLS Black’s headline stats are eyebrow-raising: with a hoofing 622bhp on tap – 60bhp more than the stock SLS – and a monumental carbon-fibre weight-loss programme shaving 70kg from its kerbweight, it’ll crush the 0-62mph sprint in 3.6 seconds and do 196mph flat-out. That rear wing is optional, but you’ll choose it.

Details remain somewhat hazier for the Continental GT3. Bentley unveiled a racetrack-only Conti last year, which, to comply with FIA regulations, was rear-wheel-drive. But a road-going Conti GT3 – a range-topping replacement for the Supersports – would likely stay four-wheel-drive, shedding weight and gaining power. The, ahem, ‘standard’ Conti W12 makes a sufficient 567bhp, so a GT3 version could push towards 700bhp. Expect a barer interior than the hypeplush standard Conti, but no roll cages or harnesses, this is a Bentley after all, darling.

At the tech-heavy end of the supercar scale, BMW’s hybrid i8 is finally, nearly upon us. Busy shedding its concept layers since we first saw it in 2009, we now know the i8 will be powered by a three-cylinder turbo petrol sending 220bhp to the rear wheels and a 129bhp electric motor taking care of the fronts. That means a combined 349bhp and 406lb ft and none of the traditional tail-happy proclivities of hot BMW machinery.

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